Thinking of a Get-Away with your Love in February?    The  The Osborne provides: 
  • Fresh and Clean, Comfortable   Guest Rooms
  • Gas Fireplaces and Jetted Tubs upstairs in the Evelyn, Louise and Carnahan Rooms
  • Clawfoot tub with showers in Cooper’s Cabin and the Fox Room.
  • A Royal Breakfast for Two always included with your reservation.
  • Custom  soap and shampoo
  • Games, “Enchanted Evening” and “Romantic Sensations”
  • Deep Peace and Quiet in  quaint  Spring City, a National Historic District

Additions to  Your Reservation Could Include:

  • Robes and Slippers for 2 ($10)
  • Flowers, long stemmed roses ($55) a bouquet of local flowers ($25)
  • Truffles made by the innkeeper ($10 for 4 truffles)
  • Sparkling Cider ($5)
  • As a keepsake of your weekend, consider, “The Osborne” mugs custom made by Joe Bennion our world-class potter next door ($20 for 1, 2 for $38)
  • Or a Heart of stained-glass handmade by Holly Nicholes our local glass artisan ($24)
  • Battery-powered flickering candle light, ($3, per “candle”) No open-flame candles are allowed
  • Massage? Essentials for Wellness is an easy walk from the inn, call 435-462-9668 for an appt.

Any other ideas? We would be happy to consider them.

  Make your reservation at  Please call 720-284-2314  for any additions to your reservation.  Additions are welcome up to  48 hours before your reservation.