We had quite an adventure a few weeks ago. Abe, my brother, took us to some old quarries a few miles south of Spring City!

Came, saw, went.
This quarry was about ready to cave in. And they just sit there and smile…
This is where we saw a rattlesnake! Unfortunately, it rattled away before we could get it on camera.

Old stones abandoned at the quarry.

The drive home!

Pat and I re-visited Maple Canyon earlier this week to finish hiking the Box Canyon trail. It was so much fun!

The beautiful Sanpete landscape on the way to Maple Canyon.

Driving up to Box Canyon. Then walking into Box Canyon!
The rock is huge! A stream runs beneath it. Notice the narrow patch here.

Free-climbing up, and then down, a ridge.
Towering cliffs! and the end of the trail: a waterfall.
Freedom, Utah was an old settlement about 5 miles away from Maple Canyon. All that’s left is a quaint old cemetary (yes, we’ve been quite keen on graveyards lately…).

Yeeeaaah, thas right y’all! P-Town or bus’ my frennnz.

We started out at our house, went straight for 6 blocks, turned left, went straight for about 2.5 miles, turned right, went straight for about 30 miles, turned left, went straight for another 20ish miles, and found ourselves in Provo.
But it was worth it.
We distributed these lovely flyers all over the town:
We also visited the courthouse. It’s a lovely building that I’ve never really appreciated before. It’s historic for one thing, and the bathrooms are wonderful for another. They are clean and good-smelling, and there’s no heckling for not buying anything.
Where to pee in Provo? The courthouse on Main Street.
In the afore-lauded bathrooms, I found a program for the funeral of Truman Madsen (!!!), which happened to be taking place across the street in the Provo Tabernacle:
The Provo Tabernacle is the beautiful building in the background of this picture, which unfortunately is blocked by a large, ugly Travelodge sign.
(notice the people dressed in black, waiting at the crosswalk. Funeral-goers, they be!)
We were enough to plaster some flyers on some main street billboards, but (alas), not bold enough to take pictures of them.
We then took some to the Provo Visitor’s Center, BYU, Wyview Creamery (where we were turned down), windshield wipers of cars parked in front of Wyview Creamery, Macey’s (where we were turned down, windshield wipers of cars parked in front of Macey’s, a photographer’s place–Doug Martin’s Photography (I think…), Sierra West (awesome place! go there for all of your jewelry needs!), windshield wipers of cars parked at Wendy’s, and the Enterprise car rental in Spanish Fork. Not bad, eh?
At Wendy’s, we thought that this was cool:
Nutrition facts of the calorific treats at Wendy. The medium Frosty was so worth all of its 400-odd calories.
And to end on a more health-conscious note, Pat and I are headed to Zion’s National Park in a few days. So stay tuned!!

This is Pat and Angie attempting to connect with the outside world. We currently are the innkeepers at The Osborne and want to show you guys how much fun we can have out here.

The last few days, we have kept busy by doing yard work (yay, we planted a garden with all kinds of yummy veggies!), watching the bird’s nest up on the roof, (Two! birds flew out of their nest today as we stepped on the balcony to watch them more closely. One disappeared and the other one was nearly run over by an ATV. It looked like he got him, but we are not sure! At least we see no remains….), and a lot of deep-cleaning. Besides all that fun stuff, we are going to disperse flyers about our nice, little, cozy bed and breakfast to hopefully attract more guests! :)

See you soon!