Celebrating Ten Year Anniversary at The Osborne Inn!

On May 27th, 2005 we opened for business, the paint was still wet, tile was still drying, and our kitchen sink was not connected. Nevertheless we put on smiles  and opened our doors at The Osborne Inn.   We have been welcoming guests here in our little bed and breakfast ever since.   It has been our privilege to host and serve thousands of guests.

We bought the old Osborne home in 2004. Our much anticipated first Thanksgiving in our “new” home was spent without heat or hot water  (oops I think that was my fault, I did not contact the gas company).   We quickly learned empathy for pioneer living.  We took one-bucket- baths and huddled  around the fireplace in the parlor. Thankfully we had an electric stove.  It was  an experience we will never forget.

Commuting from Denver, CO, our children helped renovate  from the attic to the basement.  We decided to leave the University of Colorado  and move closer so that we could concentrate on our “healing” home… that is what it did for our family.   The town, its community, the setting, the history, the spirit here in Spring City helped heal our family.  We didn’t know that we needed it,  but we did.  We needed “healing”  from a fast-paced, rat race world and the pressures that come with that environment.   Through the transition, our family grew closer together.  The mall was far away, the distractions were fewer.  We started putting our arms around each other and walking the sidewalks and roads.  At night we would gaze at the night sky in awe (we still do).  Ten years later, our children have mostly left but they love coming back and are still involved in the business…and if they need money they always have a job here.

That was ten short, long years ago!  Much has transpired in the world and in our family.  One thing that  has not changed is our commitment  to our guests. We want each one to have a great experience here.  We realize that if we do our part in providing a clean, uncluttered environment, guests can drop their worries outside on the porch and come in and relax.  Our historic town,  Spring City,  has a spirit  that is literally felt.  It is in the crisp  clean mountain air, the delicious water, the stillness of the night, the  grandeur  of the Horseshoe, the history in the graveyard.  It is in the peace found here (except at a city council meeting)  as you explore  the town and canyon.

Thank you for choosing to stay at The Osborne Inn.  You have kept us in business.  We hope that you have found peace and respite here.  We are looking forward to serving you in the next decade.

PS:  Our room-rates have remained the same since 2005.   We find the cost-of-business necessitates  raising room rates by $10, beginning May 27, 2015.    Any reservations made before May 27th will be at the lower room rate.  You may want to consider making your future reservations before then.


1894 Osborne Inn