Kimball Brothers Carpentry

Orson and Ben Kimball are incredible wood craftsmen.  The Kimballs love traditional building skills and the history associated with them.  We have enjoyed their attention to detail, fair business practices and excellent workmanship, in addition to their good-natured personalities.  We are drawing towards the end of our projects, so I thought it  was time to “sing their praises” to the world.  They have a long waiting list, so you might have to wait, but they are worth it.  Their website is  They have helped us restore a log cabin that was on the back of the property,  oak wood stairs in the Innkeeper’s quarters and restoration of the granary.  Orson has helped us regulate all the old locks on the antique doors in the inn. He is quite expert at making sure the old keys work in the locks.  For what good is a lock on a door without a key that opens it?   The door knobs all have a durable, sure feel to them now.  He polished the metal workings on the doors and hinges. On the top story of the inn, someone much earlier “slapped together” three screen doors, unlike the beautiful ones on the lower level.  Orson made replications of those beautiful original screen doors on the main floor for the top floor balconies.  They are beautiful and make a difference in the exterior appearance of the Osborne Inn.  It is like wearing a well-made, tailored shirt with  a one-of-a-kind suit…it makes all the difference!  Thank you Orson and Ben!