Palisades State Park

Nestled away between some mountains behind the farming community of Sterling, UT–about a 20 minute drive from the Inn–is Palisades State Park. It boasts a golf course, camping and picnicing sites, a reservoir that dates back to 1874 (originally known as “Funk’s Lake”), and a boating rental to boot! It was incredible! This is the most fun we’ve had in Sanpete County. We rented a canoe for 4 hours, at the very reasonable rate of 10 dollars. Paddleboats are also available for rental. My brother Abe caught some rainbow trout (too small to eat, though), we packed a picnic lunch to eat at one of the lakefront picnic tables, and Pat and I even swam from one end of the reservoir to the other (whew!). We criss-crossed the reservoir on the canoe, from pier to platform to nearly tropical trees growing on the shore, with oversized koi nibbling their roots. There’s even a gorgeous hike around the lake. All in all, we LOVED Palisades State Park! We are so glad we went and recommend anyone traveling to Sanpete County (during the summertime) to include it on their itinerary!
The view from the top of the hike around the lake! And above, we saw a beaver swimming (but weren’t quick enough to catch it on camera!)

The two studly men, blazing the trail.

Abe is below, checking out the crazy trees.

Abe is fishing from the niche in this rock!